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The most exciting parts. 
  • Change the way teams manage the critical logistics function in their business. Logistics is 13% of GDP and forms the backbone of many businesses yet it’s 10-15 years behind in terms of digitisation. This causes huge amounts of waste, inefficiency, the loss and delay of critical often life-saving goods in transit.
  • Zero to one. As one of the founding members of the team, you’ll have a large influence and ownership over large parts of your functional area and the company.
  • Constant stream of new problems to solve. The pace at which 7bridges is growing brings new technical and business problems each day. There’s a very large and exciting opportunity ahead for us which requires us all to wear multiple hats, collaborate across teams and keeps every day exciting.
About this role 😎 
London / Remote (UTC+1 / London to UTC+3) 

We’re looking for an experienced Full Stack Engineer to join our compact, remote team to work together on 7bridges’ core product executing our forward thinking roadmap. You’ll be among our first engineers on this exciting journey and will have the opportunity to take on significant engineering projects, own large parts of the product and grow together with 7bridges. 

Bring your learning mindset and sense of humour – we’re looking forward to meeting you! 

What you’ll do 👩‍🏫 
  • Develop new features and improve existing ones.
  • Design and develop components in isolation or in a team, and integrate them into the core product.
  • Specialise in one of these main areas: building platform features; ecosystem tools; integrations around LEO our orchestration AI.
  • Use and develop internal tools.
  • Help customers solve their issues and respond to their feedback.
Our tech stack 🕹 
We do not expect you to know everything on this tech stack, it is just here to show you some exciting tools you can get to play with.